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Archangel Paranormal Society

North Royalton, OH 44133

Contact Name Tony Belsito
Phone 440.628.1363
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Tony Belsito
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 31
Areas Served 
Ohio, Western PA, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana, upper panhandle West Virginia

Archangel Paranormal Society is here to help provide insight into the unexplainable and to help research anomalous activity our clients may be experiencing. We help with anything from an uneasiness to a physical assault. We research the property, analyze what is going on before a physical investigation of the home or property is scheduled. Once the investigation is completed, the client receives a full written and in some cases, a video/photo documentation of the evidence. When necessary, a blessing and a cleansing of the home is performed. We do not charge for our investigations but based on our help, a donation is appreciated, as well as rating us on our FB website. I have outstanding Investigators, mediums (certified from Lilly Dale as Medium/Intuitive) on my team as well as demonologists.

Archangel Paranormal Society was started as a result of a visitation of my mother Catherine. After taking care of mom for 22 years, we talked a lot of life and the after life. I had asked her, if she was able to, to let me know she was ok after she passed. Being a good Italian Catholic, mom said, "stop talking like that and just pray"! Three weeks after mom passed, I received a call from a good friend who was bored while serving at a restrarant she worked and asked my to stop up and have lunch. While sitting there this lady who had walked in at the same time I did, kept staring at me with a worried look. While eating my sandwich, I felt someone behind me and it was her. I asked her if I could help her and she said "I am suppose to ask you something but not sure if I should"! I asked her was was going on? She said, "did you just lose your mother"? OMG! I told I had, just three weeks early and asked why. She started crying and said, "I am a medium and your mom is here and hasa message for you"! She said, "stop worrying about her, she is fine, and she was never more proud the way you took care of her all those years and how you held her near death and talked to her to help her pass in peace"! We were both crying at that point. It was this day forward I researched the paranormal, life after death, and started a paranormal research team that would help people having similar experience were they were receiving spirits, and don't know who to turn to or where to get the help.

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