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Sinful Paranormal Investigations

Eskdale, WV

Contact Name Brandon Ross
Phone 304-590-1443
Email Email
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Founder Brandon Ross
Year Founded 2013
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
Anywhere Needed

A lot of people have asked us why we named our group Sinful Paranormal Investigations. The reason behind this is our specialty is Demonic and Aggressive spirits. Sinful stands for ( wicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins). We believe these spirits can be very harmful to one. These spirits can physically and mentally harm someone, and are not to be taken lightly. Everyone in our group has experienced these "Sinful" spirits, and know first hand the damage they can do to a person's overall well being. We are not Demonologist and we do not perform exorcism's, but we can contact the right person to provide these needs, and be right there with them and the family through it all. We are also specialized in EVP's and Visual.

We are a group based on researching all paranormal activity. Our main goal is to provide families a sense of ease if they are experiencing some sort of encounter, and to give some sort of answer about what they may be experiencing. We look into every aspect of a reasonable explanation of what is going on. We do not consider everything to be paranormal, and if it's not we will tell you, but if it is. We will take every step possible to help, and find out just exactly why something is there. Our team does research on almost every type of activity. Including: residential haunting's, business haunting's, UFO sighting's, Poltergeist, etc.. We like to try to help everyone needing our services. We have been receiving a high volume of calls, and we try to respond to the most serious cases first, but we make sure we get to everyone. Our group is made up of trained investigators with experience in encountering the paranormal. We have training in EVP's and the differentials in interference and realism. We also have trained video technicians who can tell the difference between a hoax and what's real. Anyone needing our services feel free to email us at If you are experiencing some sort of physical, harassing, or demonic spirit. CONTACT US ASAP.

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