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The Anomalous Research Center

Urbana, IL 61802

Contact Name Jeremy Hawthorne
Phone 217-531-7988
Email Email
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Website Website
Facebook Facebook Kevin Bowen (Atoka, Oklahoma)
Youtube Youtube
Founder Jeremy Hawthorne
Year Founded 2006
Number of Members 6
Areas Served 
The A.R.C. Investigation Team serves a large area, mainly in the mid-west, for paranormal research. Primarily, we conduct paranormal research in the central region of Illinois although our team members have conducted research in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The Anomalous Research Center is a place where any researcher can come and express opinions, evidence, theories and the like in a welcoming environment. We strive to be a hub for the paranormal and parapsychological enthusiasts. The Anomalous Research Center is a place to learn and share with each other in an effort to advance the fields of paranormal research and parapsychology in a positive way.

The A.R.C. Investigation Team follows a strict scientific code of conduct while exploring various methodologies.

When conducting paranormal research, we maintain absolute professionalism and strive to make clients feel comfortable before, during and after investigations.

When conducting parapsychological research we adhere to the scientific method and follow other research currently be conducted around the world. We provide a professional atmosphere during research and ultimately strive to maintain and excel at a level of scientific conduct and quality of experiment that would be found in any dedicated, quality research institution.

We do not call ourselves "parapsychologists", nor would we ever. We are merely parapsychology enthusiasts and researchers who seek the learn and conduct parapsychological research scientifically and in a manner as close to those who are in the forefront of the field. We feel that, at the very least, the title of "parapsychologist" should only be reserved for individuals who have a bare minimum of masters degree in psychology with experience and concentration in parapsychological research.

The A.R.C. Mission Statement: The Anomalous Research Center is dedicated to education in paranormal research and parapsychology. We hold strict scientific codes of conduct while exploring various methodologies in our research. We share information with other groups and provide an atmosphere for intellectual discussion in regard to paranormal and parapsychology topics. The Anomalous Research Center is a world-wide hub for parapsychology and paranormal research. The goal of The A.R.C. is to benefit anyone who conducts serious research and is committed to advancing the field.

The Anomalous Research Center reviews theories and focuses on a broad range of topics like Research Basics, Demonology, Spiritualism, Infrared Applications, Poltergeist Theories, Psychokinesis, Precognition, Investigations Techniques, Client Interaction, Out of Body Experiences, Residual Hauntings, Intelligent Hauntings, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Overall Psychic Phenomena, just to name few.

The Anomalous Research Center is an interactive community for people who are serious about paranormal research and parapsychology and we invite every researcher to join this community.

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