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Another Dimension Paranormal Society

Falling Waters, WV 25419

Contact Name Shelly & Damien Stitely
Phone 301-992-5005
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Website Website
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Founder Shelly & Damien Stitely
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 9
Areas Served 
We are located in Falling Waters, W.V. Our team investigates Historical locations, Civil War Battlefields, cemeteries, businesses, and private residences. Most of our investigations are in the Fourstate (Northern VA, Eastern Panhandle of WV, Western MD, and South Western PA) area.

A.D.P.S stands for Another Dimension Paranormal Society. Another Dimension Paranormal Society (A.D.P.S) is a dedicated team that takes Paranormal Investigation seriously. We are dedicated to research, documentation, history, validation and investigation of paranormal activity.Our team is a non-profit organization. Contact us when needing information regarding Paranormal Activity. A.D.P.S is here for anyone who has experienced Paranormal Activity. We are here to help them understand if what they are experiencing is paranormal, and if so, what is happening, why it's happening and offer help to those with concerns.

Our team does research before investigation (R.B.I). A.D.P.S investigates, photographs & records the voices of ghosts, proves and disproves the claims of "Haunted Places" by using the debunk method and documents the experiences our Team and clients' experience. If it can’t be debunked it may be paranormal activity. We take the time to analyze all the information we have.

A.D.P.S members come from varying backgrounds and have various beliefs. Utilizing scientific equipment and tools, we analyze every bit of evidence caught to accurately determine if you are experiencing paranormal activity or not. We research and investigate paranormal activity with professionalism, rational logic, and an open mind.

We look forward to new tasks and anyone interested in becoming a new member. If you would like to set up an investigation or join our team please contact our Lead Investigator, we will be happy to assist you. Please note* If your interested in becoming a new member there may not be a opening but if that's the case we will gladly put your name on a waiting list and contact you as soon as an opening becomes available. If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity we are here to help you find out whether it is or not paranormal. We are here to help you with unsolved issues & questions. Lead Investigator:

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