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Gold Coast Paranormal Society

West Palm Beach, FL

Contact Name David Bates
Phone 561-797-4231
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @goldcoastghost
Founder Gary Wood
Year Founded 2007
Number of Members 7
Areas Served 
Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida

Homes, businesses, historical sites

We're a volunteer group of experienced paranormal researchers who specialize in documenting the unexplained. Got ghosts? Need help? We're here for you!

GCPS specializes in paranormal research in homes, businesses, and public settings. Using scientific methods--digital pictures, temperature and EMF readings, and digital recordings--they attempt to provide logical explanations for seemingly otherworldly occurrences. And on those occasions when they find evidence that might point to a genuine haunting, they are there to give advice on how to cope with those ghostly interlopers.

The GCPS team was established in late 2007. Although the organization is relatively new, its members have decades' worth of combined experience with the paranormal. Their primary goal is to help those frightened or confused by events they cannot explain. At the same time, they collect scientific evidence to build the case for the existence of ghosts and other entities.

In addition to standard equipment such as video cameras and digital recorders, they use specialized equipment such as ion detectors designed and built for the group by their technology researcher. But the GCPS is as quick to debunk their evidence as they are to accept it. Using sophisticated computer programs, they spend hours reviewing the data collected from a site and do not declare a location "haunted" until all possible explanations for the unusual events have been eliminated.

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