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NakedEyeBlind Paranormal Research

Halandale beach, FL 33009

Contact Name Jonathan
Phone 754-230-8911
Email Email
Website Website
Youtube Youtube
Founder Jonathan Vargas
Year Founded 2017
Number of Members 1
Areas Served 
United States

EVP/ITC Research, UFO and inter-dimensional communications specialist. Specializing in All fields of the paranormal.

Hello, my name is Jonathan Vargas, but i prefer to be called John. I am a paranormal investigator, I've been studying multiple\numerous subjects involving the paranormal since i was very young. My interest began with personal experiences and branched off into a search for truth, and a mission to seek answers to what it was that i experienced. Throughout my life i have had a pretty huge amount of encounters with the paranormal. Not just ghost/spirits or whatever most investigators like to label them as, but extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings as well. I have come to set an amount of my own conclusions based on my extensive research into these subjects and set out my own personal investigations alone to obtain evidence that would allow me to conduct an analysis and study of whatever the paranormal phenomena is that i encounter and obtain evidence from. Through this systematic sequence of analysis and review, i can puzzle piece things together with an investigative state of mind, with of course remaining open to any other possible conclusions, to help me understand and identify to the best of my ability what exactly the source of the paranormal activity may be. The paranormal field depending on the subject is a very "deeper then the ocean deep" type of research, and requires evidence to properly study whatever the phenomena is that is occurring in this reality we are perceiving to be real. To label evidence captured during investigations as a known subject is a risky and unprofessional thing to do. For example, when it comes to EVP/ITC research the origin/reality behind the communication with the entity/being responding can not be 100% determined. Because it is not something we understand entirely. You can not say that you are communicating with a spirit of a human being that has died, and label the source of communication the "after life" without actually knowing 100% that this is the case. But the communications are real, the voices come through, they speak, they are intelligent, and they are very much still alive in some form. Whether they are spirits, extraterrestrials, Inter-dimensional beings, or whatever, there is still a possibility that they very well could be something we are entirely unfamiliar with. There are a lot of investigators in this field that like to believe they know what they are dealing with. And i can not take those people seriously, and i'm sure 90% of nonbelievers and believers won't either. The purpose of investigation is to find answers to help us understand and learn what the phenomena is that is occuring. Not explain it away with the first primitive answers that come to mind. With all the audio/evidence that i have collected and reviewed. I have come to the conclusion that we must keep our minds open to the endless possibilities. We can be communicating with anything. Even entities that were simply born without a physical body and possibly learned to adapt to how we Humans function which very well could be some sort of manipulation process/project. Posing to be something we are familiar with. Even a loved one that has passed on. The fact is we don't know who we are speaking to, and even though the entities may sound like people we once knew, they very well could be someone/something entirely different. And i could be wrong. But i don't have the answers, just evidence of something/someone existing and communicating intelligently that we are not able to see with the naked eye. With that said, i want everyone who is an investigator and has listened to my evidence to listen closely, & study it. Take what you have heard and add it to your own research, and learn to develop a new way of thinking when analyzing evidence you capture on your own. Lets approach this subject with pure professionalism and stop putting labels on things we do not entirely understand. Using the term ghosts, angels, or demons, is well passed our time frame of existence, we are no longer in the mid-evil days anymore. There are now possible scientific terms and highly possible theoretical conclusions that have been made here, conclusions that can be very hard to look past. The key to becoming a successful investigator is to always keep your mind open.

I have seen a lot of strange things and i have encountered a ton of odd situations that really just didn't make any logical sense. If something has died, how can it still retain the ability to think n communicate? If something is communicating that isn't physically there, how in the world is it possible?

I like to believe the answers ly behind the reality of interdimensional existances. Is it possible that when an intelligent being dies it moves forward into another plane or dimension of existence? Could this be the answer? Could this be the reason why whatever these entities are have the ability to communicate and still interact with the physical world we living human beings exist in? Sadly there are more questions then answers.

And that is why i am here. To find the answers.

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