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Southern Paranormal Assessment Team (SPAT)

Biloxi, MS

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Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 

Paranormal Investigations, Paranormal Science, Paranormal Research

Our primary objective is to provide adequate physical evidence of Paranormal experiences which we receive from each of our investigation sites. Evidence which we receive consists of physical, photographic, video and audio media capturing the various signs of paranormal activity. Such signs include spirit orbs, apparitions, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and personal paranormal experiences gained from each site which either support or nonsupport these claims of paranormal activity. SPAT's primary objective unlike other Paranormal Investigation teams, is not to prove that paranormal activity is real or that ghosts haunt places; it is simply to provide our findings from each case we investigate and allow you to decide for yourself whether paranormal activity exists or not. We continue to conduct numerous paranormal investigations throughout the United States and are steadily investigating new locations, new evidence of paranormal findings and new developments in effort to provide adequate Case Reports regarding our findings. After every investigation, a Case Report is completed which contains detailed information regarding our investigation as well as evidence tagged in relation to paranormal activity we received. Our book SOUTHERN PARANORMAL ASSESSMENT TEAM: SPAT CASE FILES VOL. 1 provides evidence from some of the locations we have investigated over the years. The locations are real, the cases are real, these are our findings..

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