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Global United Paranormal Research

Bradenton, FL 34208

Contact Name Abel Garcia or Tina Williams
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Abel Garcia and Tina Williams
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
Areas near the Bradenton location....

Primary Mission

Global United Paranormal Research or Global United Para Research or GUPR is a Non-Profit (not for profit) organization that is dedicated to help individuals or businesses with paranormal activities through a data collection approach. The GUPR group was formed December 28th 2009 through the founder’s passion, dedication and knowledge on finding the truth.

Although GUPR is a new team the founders have 16+ years of experience in the Paranormal Field (Paranormal = All Unexplainable Phenomena) which includes lecturing and experimentation research on paranormal phenomena. Global United Para Research is a real paranormal team that conducts all investigations in a research, experimentation and documentation. The GUPR team relies heavily on the documented facts and not the fantasy or entertainment evidence (T.V. Shows & Internet) that is commonly seen throughout the world (Examples: ORBS, Motion Blurred Images, Matrix / Rorschach audio or video and everything that has been considered not paranormal). The team’s primary goal is to conduct the research through collecting data from each location avoiding personal beliefs or opinions. Avoiding “Power of Suggestion” that are part of personal beliefs or opinions help determine if a place of interest is having paranormal activity or if the paranormal phenomena is man-made.

Secondary Mission

Global United Para Research understands that collaboration amongst real paranormal researchers or teams is important. This is why the team is dedicated in collaborating with any Researchers or Team’s globally withier it is to help train new/old researchers, teams or work collaboratively with real people in the field. The mission of GUPR is to try to build a network with real paranormal teams worldwide to help move the field further through unity amongst real paranormal researchers.

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