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North Missouri Paranormal Reseach Society

La Grange, MO

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Website Website
Founder Randy Tippett
Year Founded 1996
Number of Members 8
Areas Served 
Northwest and east Missouri Southern Iowa ks ne il

North Missouri Paranormal Research Society is a non profit organization that uses scientific techniques which results in a well formulated approach to paranormal research. Our investigators take a professional approach, seeking first all include all natural causes for reported activity before making a paranormal "determination". Started back in 1996 Randy Tippett and Rory Norton went after urban ghost stories of paranormal happenings around Northeast Missouri. With a old camcorder, flashlight, tape recorder, and a cheap emf meter. We first called ourself northeast Missouri ghost hunters society. Then started to grow outwards to the public. We then started helping people with paranormal. Today with high standers protocols, and scientific equipment. Through out the years nmprs has grown to what it is today. Through research, field work, and training. We have set high stands to help our clients with paranormal needs. Now we are starting a sister chapter in St. Joseph area. To help people with proving or disproving paranormal happenings and giving them there daily lives and closure. NMPRS does not charge a fee for investigations but we will accept donations from the public and NMPRS and all donation are welcome and appreciated. Please note NMPRS DOES NOT perform seances, ouijia board, or conjuring rights in your home. Nor do we have a proclaimed psychic on our team to give you a reading. We don't do house cleansing or perform exorcisms.

We are a group of paranormal investigators and researchers who take pride in how we conduct ourselves on investigations and outings. We are dedicated to professional and confidential we visit. We use state of the art science and technology including digital video and audio, digital and high speed photography, Ir temperature, emf and other sensor devices, and along with equipment developed by NMPRS. Strict set of protocols, historical research, articles, and witness interview we use to gather and document paranormal happenings to better the paranormal. Our mission is to gather evidence, whether that evidence point to a natural or paranormal cause, because our only purpose is to find the truth. We are not thrill seekers. We do not run a round with a k2 meter and a camera to take pictures and post them on a web site. We are a volunteer paranormal & historical researchers and it is our goal to improve knowledge and understanding of the paranormal.

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