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Moonlight Paranormal Society

Belmont, OH

Phone 7402324669
Email Email
Website Website
Year Founded 2011
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
East Central Ohio and the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia

Moonlight Paranormal Society is a family team founded October 28, 2011 in Belmont, Ohio. Our services are confidential and free of charge

Mission Our mission is to help people try to understand and cope with possible paranormal activity whether it be at their home or business. We will conduct our investigations with total confidentiality and respect, free of charge.

Company Overview

We investigate and document possible paranormal activity using the "debunking" method first. We WILL provide our clients with the most accurate answers possible. We DO take any needed precautions and any necessary documents will need to be signed by both the client and the team We WILL use electronic equipment on our investigations. We do this for research purposes only.

This is NOT in any way "devil worship" We DO NOT disrespectfully provoke. We WILL NOT use Ouija boards or dowsing rods. An we DO NOT perform seances and/or exorcisms NO unqualified member of the team will attempt nor claim to be able to "rid" any home or business of any possible entity or presence In the event that a client wishes the property to be "cleansed", we WIll contact someone capable and qualified to preform such an act for you.After a year of research and dicussions, learning everything we could along the way (and we are still learning as there are new advancement in this field everyday), we establish our own team. Our team members are serious and dedicated. We are a family. We treat everyone with respect and hope to obtain the same respect from all past, present and future entities we meet living or otherwise. And we do understand we will come across believers and non believers alike and that not everyone is understanding. In that case there will be no conflict on our behalf and we will walk away. We are currently serving East Central Ohio and The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia SO if you are having or have had experiences and would like an investigation, no need to be "shy" or "scared". Or maybe you have already had an investigation and/or "strange" occurrences are still happening or maybe they are happening again and you would like another investigation for your peace of mind. Give us a call or send us a message. We will be happy to meet with you. and to talk about it and schedule a day. ALL SERVICES ARE FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL

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