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Paranormal Research Organization

Long Beach, CA 90755

Contact Name JM Rusher
Phone 562-999-4963
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @Pro_Paranormal
Founder J & Y Rusher
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
Due to our current caseload, PRO is covering cases only within 1.5-hour travel radius of the Long Beach area. For locations outside of the Long Beach area, we may refer clients to a credible paranormal group that investigates in those areas.

We offer to ascertain the type of phenomena found at our client's location and then provide information and resources to create a livable situation.

A serious endeavor in gathering paranormal evidence, public records, and historical research is a large part of our investigative technique.

To aid in gathering evidence, digital, infrared, full spectrum video and still photography are also used.

Digital voice recording, documentation, and analysis of all the above assist us in helping those cope with their unique paranormal experiences.

As experienced, mature, no-nonsense paranormal investigators, we as a team provide paranormal research and investigative services to private residents, businesses, historic sites, government facilities, and installations in our local and surrounding areas at no charge to our clients.

The PRO team includes experienced individuals with different skills coming from diverse backgrounds. Each member of our group brings with them a distinguishing set of views and proficiencies which help create a tight-knit and well-formed discreet investigative team comprised of believers and skeptics alike.

We approach our clients with a blend of science, technology, and spirituality to address the specific needs of each case. We work together with our clients to find the best solution for the client and their unique situation.

If you believe that you may have paranormal activity occurring and would like help finding answers and solutions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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