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Punta Gorda, FL

Contact Name Doug Kelley
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Doug Kelley
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 200
Areas Served 
Global organization

ParaNexus is a global professional association of progressive paranormal investigators and researchers, parapsychologists, cryptozoologists, ufologists, psychically gifted individuals, and enthusiasts focused on understanding the human condition through the scientific study of paranormal and psychical phenomena, its reality, its reach, and its impact on humanity.

The ParaNexus association is the brainchild of Doug Kelley and Jari (pronounced "Yari") Mikkola, both experienced paranormal investigators with research groups of their own. Doug is the Founder of the SPIRITeam, based in Florida, with seven Chapters and over 30 members in several states. Jari is the Founder of In the Shadows - Paranormal Project based in Brighton, Colorado with a Chapter in Jacksonville, FL. Jari has over 25 members.Doug and Jari both felt the need for a professional, top-notch association and conference that would bring paranormal researchers together to learn and have fun at the same time. From experience, they saw a need for paranormal researchers to not only come together to share data, but also to learn techniques that would make them better researchers and investigators in the field. ParaNexus is an educational association.Doug and Jari draw on and blend their extensive corporate and leadership backgrounds with the search for knowledge in the paranormal field. They strive for new approaches and fresh thinking that will shed a more revealing light on the true nature of all things paranormal. The ParaNexus Conference is only one aspect of their search and passion, and more will come of their partnership.

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